All it takes is one employee to cause a data breach

Cybercriminals are diligent in finding new, sophisticated methods to trick unsuspecting individuals into putting themselves at risk.
Don’t let your staff cause your network to be down for days while it gets sorted. Be proactive and register your team today.

  • 98+

    billion breached

  • 6+

    billion validated

  • 43%

    of attacks are on

  • 60%

    of SMBs goes out of
    business within
    6 months

  • 81%

    of hacking related
    breaches leverages
    either stolen and/or
    weak passwords

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Why does the dark web matter?

The Dark Web is a collection of websites hidden that grant user’s anonymity and can be used to trade and sell data that has been fraudulently obtained. Although these sites are visible publicly, you must know their secret IP addresses and the servers that runs them in order to access the sites.

The Dark Web is growing in usage and is essential to identify and monitor for several reasons:

  • Stolen identities and other personal data are fetching higher prices.
  • With the amount of information available, more and more criminals are
    looking to commit fraud.
  • Fraudsters are offering additional services to one another, such as tutorials on
    how to hack and commit various forms of fraud.

Most data are collected via Phishing. This is where someone fools an employee into providing their details and even their passwords. Once this is sold on the Dark Web, your company can be put into a very serious situation.

At Internal IT, we can monitor the dark web for your details. While we can’t remove them from the Dark Web, we can at least find out the passwords out there and ensure that staff are trained to change their passwords and not use the same password for everything!

Who is Internal IT

We are a local IT company in Mandurah providing professional IT support from Perth to Mandurah. We strive to work with our clients closely to act as an Internal IT department rather than outsourced IT department. We care about your business and can provide suitable business IT solutions that will work best for you. Time and experience has helped us develop best practices and workflow procedures designed to keep you focused on running your business rather than technology.

With Internal IT as your IT Department, you will experience:

  • Less downtime: Faster resolution leads to more productivity
  • Fewer daily issues: Proactive maintenance prevents issues in general
  • Fixed IT budget: Know your IT spend ahead of time
  • Infrastructure protection: Keeping your network safe and secure
  • Business continuity: Through backup and disaster recovery methods

Internal IT strives in using the latest technologies to ensure your network is more secure than ever. Not sure where to begin or if our company is a good fit for your business, then get in touch with us to learn how we can move your business forward.

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