How Cloud Computing Can Boost Your Business in Mandurah

How Cloud Computing Can Boost Your Business in Mandurah

Digital transformation has brought about the concept of shared computing resources owned and managed by third parties over the internet. Consisting of storage, hardware, databases, networks, interfaces, and services, the cloud allows users (organisations, entities, and individuals) to access IT infrastructure, services, and computing power on demand. Cloud computing encompasses the collation, transfer, storage, and processing of data and information on a third party architecture.

To augment the security of cloud services, the data and information are encrypted by the service provider using a public key. The same is decrypted by the organisation availing the services by using the corresponding private key. By being the new normal, cloud, as offered by cloud computing Mandurah service and others, helps to accelerate business transformation, capability, performance, innovation, and customer experience. Organisations, in order to meet the challenges posed by industry 4.0, can migrate their legacy systems and resources to the cloud with minimum disruption.

Types of cloud systems

There are basically three types of cloud systems depending on the nature of requirements.

Software as a Service (SaaS): In this software distribution model, the service provider delivers a single application by using a multi-tenant architecture. Here, the source code of an application is the same for everyone and when some features or functionalities are added, they are rolled out for everyone.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS): This is the basic layer in cloud computing that is provisioned and administered over the internet. It allows you to scale up and down the need for physical infrastructure based on demand. Here, each physical resource comprising servers and data centres can be installed, configured, and managed.

Platform as a Service (PaaS): In this form of cloud computing, the development and deployment environment consisting of servers, storage, middleware, networking, database management systems, business intelligence suites, and development tools, among others are provisioned to support the SDLC. The activities consist of building, testing, delivering, administering, and updating of the above-mentioned resources.

Benefits of cloud computing

In a competitive business environment where optimizing the cost of operations can be a challenge, the cloud environment can bring myriad benefits for enterprises.

Reduces cost: Moving to the cloud environment, cloud computing Mandurah can reduce the cost of maintaining an in-house IT infrastructure. Instead of buying (and maintaining) costly IT equipment (physical systems and software), the same can be provisioned from the cloud at a lesser cost. This can help your business to reduce the Capex cost:

  • No need to create (and maintain) a separate in-house IT infrastructure
  • No need to hire experts to install and maintain the systems/software
  • No need to tackle issues like downtime and latency as the same will be done by the cloud service provider
  • Reduced cost of energy consumption

Data security: The security of data and information is of primary concern given the threat of cyber crime. Data breaches can threaten a company’s credibility, revenue, and customer loyalty. However, by migrating to the cloud ecosystem, the company can leverage the advanced security features to protect its sensitive data.

Scalability: The demand for IT resources can change based on the business requirements. Such fluctuating bandwidth demands can be easily addressed by investing in a cloud ecosystem. It can deliver for the enterprise considerable agility, efficiency, and cost optimization.

Disaster recovery: Enterprises can face issues like data loss due to unforeseen system downtime, natural disasters, power outages or hacking. However, information stored in a distributed cloud platform can remain unaffected even if one or more nodes get impacted.


Cloud services have become the go-to platform for enterprises to stay competitive and reduce costs. The advantage of accessing cloud based resources from anywhere and anytime makes it highly sought after by businesses. Should you want to hire premier cloud computing services in Mandurah, call (08) 6424 3030, send an email to or visit