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How BitDefender can secure you from Malicious Threats

Digitization has brought enormous benefits for individuals and businesses in terms of faster communication, seamless information exchange, convenience, responsiveness, and cost-effectiveness, among others. It has also fostered quality differentiation for products and services and enabled customers to derive myriad benefits. The technology evolution in digitization, in addition to empowering mankind, has enabled criminals to carry out their nefarious activities. Termed cybercrime, these activities involving the cracking of software applications using malware to cause data breaches have wrought enormous damage. According to Cybersecurity Ventures, the damages from cybercrime are expected to touch a humongous $6 trillion by the year 2021 annually. If the assets (physical and virtual) are to be secured from such threats, individuals and businesses have to invest strategically in cybersecurity measures. Gartner predicts the global spending on cybersecurity to touch $133.7 billion by 2022.

How do cyber criminals cause data breaches

More often than not cyber criminals cause data breaches either due to the weaknesses in the IT architecture or non-adherence to the established protocols by stakeholders. The common causes of data breaches are as follows:

  • Presence of weak security credentials including passwords
  • Application vulnerabilities
  • Presence of malware
  • Social engineering
  • Insider threats
  • User errors and improper configuration

To prevent cyber criminals from hacking your system using its vulnerabilities, your business should employ strong security measures provided by professional and reliable security organizations like Bitdefender.

What is Bitdefender and how can it help your business?

It is a global leader in providing cybersecurity to around 500 million systems for 18+ years. It offers a slew of powerful security solutions for desktops, laptops, mobile devices, and tablets. For business enterprises, Bitdefender has award-winning solutions covering omnichannel environments – endpoints, cloud, and networks. The trusted and highly-effective security provider can identify signs of industrial espionage in the form of an Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) causing exfiltration of information from your IT network by your competitor(s). The APT attacks are becoming progressively complex with businesses requiring the full-time support of security administrators. Bitdefender has the wherewithal and experience to deal with such APT-styled attacks. APT attacks have the potential to gain access to your IT systems and unearth sensitive information. If these are not nipped in the bud, your competitors can steal a march over you in the highly competitive business landscape of today. Recently, Bitdefender has found several instances of cyber espionage involving companies in the real estate, fashion, and construction sectors. So, even if you might have installed antivirus software (uses file-based detection techniques) guarding your IT systems, the sophisticated APTs can remain undetected and lull you into complacency. However, Bitdefender can successfully deal with such threats by using the below-mentioned technologies.

Bitdefender security technologies

The robust security stack of Bitdefender can spot and block any APT-style attack due to the following technologies.

Anti-malware technology: It can detect malicious payloads and prevent their attacks. The payloads include Trojans such as Agent.EUWF, MSIL.Rudid.*, and Rudid-GenericKD, among others.

HyperDetect technology: It uses machine learning models to identify malware with great accuracy. The malicious payloads detected by this technology include Illusion.ML.Miura.*, Illusion.ML.Skyline.9* etc.

Theta technology: Powered by machine learning algorithms, deep neural networks, and cloud-based behavioural analysis, this technology can detect several malicious payloads targeting your systems.

URL-Status technology: It can block the malware payload’s attempt to access the server and identify malicious, suspicious and fraudulent links.

ATC and Sandbox technologies: These dynamic technologies can identify malicious threats and prevent them from taking control of your system remotely.


Cybersecurity threats are becoming more sophisticated and complex with each passing day. Normal antivirus software can be ineffective in identifying APT-styled attacks and may lead to the exfiltration of information from your system. To prevent the same, use Bitdefender security technology in Mandurah and save your organization from security breaches. To know more, visit or call (08) 6424 3030 or send an email to